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Unlock the unmatched benefits with Kin Custom Premier: your portal to exclusive, custom apparel solutions with comprehensive ODM & OEM services.

Diverse Manufacturing

Submit your tech pack or use our existing products.

Custom API Builds

Integrate our services into your existing systems.

Account Management

Enjoy personalized service with our US-based team.

Unique & High-Quality

Products made with premium materials, crafted to perfection.

Kin Custom Premier Advantage

With Kin Custom Premier, leverage our extensive experience in ODM & OEM. Benefit from our deep industry knowledge that ensures lower costs without compromising on quality. From crafting to delivery, we manage every detail, so your focus remains on growing your business.

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Supply Chain Management

With over a decade of expertise in the manufacturing and supply chain industry, Kin Custom guarantees unparalleled quality management and comprehensive support. Trust us to elevate your brand with our commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, ensuring every project is a testament to our dedication to your success.

Original Design Manufacturing

Our ODM services allow you to create custom products from scratch. With Kin Custom, you have the freedom to design your apparel down to the finest details, ensuring that your brand is uniquely represented. Minimum order quantities will be required.

Original Equipment Manufacturing

For those looking to produce high volumes of our existing products with your custom designs, our OEM services offer the perfect solution. We handle everything from production to delivery, ensuring quality and efficiency at every step. Minimum order quantities will be required.

Our Process- Kin Custom White Label (Facebook Cover)

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